You need Java WebStart installed to run this demo. The application will ask for full permissions and warn you that it is ill advised to run this application, however to see the demo you'll have to ignore this and click start.

Check the plugins you'd like to see:
Default: Version 2.2.3 of WordFreak which can be used to do a variety of annotation and supports WordFreak native files and Penn Treebank files.
ACE: Plugin version 0.1 to do ACE-style coreference annotation and read files in the ACE Pilot Format 2.0.1.
MUC: Plugin version 1.1 to do MUC-style named-entity and coreference annotation and read files in the MUC SGML file format. Note: WordFreak wants MUC formatted fies to have a .muc extension.
OpenNLP: Provides automatic taggers for sentence detection, tokenization, POS tagging, syntactic chunking, full parsing, and name finding. Note: You will need models to use these tools. See plugin README for details.