Class POSAnnotator

  extended byorg.annotation.wordfreak.annotator.Annotator
      extended byorg.annotation.wordfreak.annotator.DocumentProcessor
          extended byorg.annotation.wordfreak.annotator.ParagraphProcessor
              extended byorg.annotation.wordfreak.annotator.SentenceProcessor
                  extended byorg.annotation.wordfreak.annotator.POSAnnotator
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.awt.event.ActionListener, AnnotatedFileListener, java.util.EventListener, Plugin

public abstract class POSAnnotator
extends SentenceProcessor

Field Summary
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annotationFilter, dataDirectory, DEFAULT_ANNOTATOR_NAME, files, guiListener, listeners, loaded, progress, trainingFilter
Constructor Summary
POSAnnotator(java.lang.String type)
Method Summary
protected abstract  java.lang.String[] getPOSTags(java.lang.String[] toks, java.lang.String[] tags, double[] tprobs)
          Gets POS tags for the word sequence in toks.
protected abstract  java.lang.String[] getTags(java.lang.String[] toks, java.lang.String[] tags, int i)
          Returns sorted list of POS tags for the word at index i in the array of toks.
 void processSentence(Annotation sentence, double percentage)
          Processes the specified sentence which consisits of the specified percentage of total work to be performed by this annotator.
 java.lang.String[] sortedOutcomes(Annotation ann)
          Returns a sorted version of the possible outcomes.
protected abstract  void training(java.lang.String[] paths)
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actionPerformed, addAnnotatorListener, annotate, annotatedFile, closeAnnotatedFile, done, getDataDirectory, hideWaitDialog, loadAnnotator, loaded, removeAnnotatorListener, setAnnotationFilter, setDataDirectory, setGuiListener, setProgress, setTrainingFilter, showWaitDialog, supportsTraining, train, updateProgress
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Constructor Detail


public POSAnnotator(java.lang.String type)
Method Detail


public void processSentence(Annotation sentence,
                            double percentage)
Description copied from class: SentenceProcessor
Processes the specified sentence which consisits of the specified percentage of total work to be performed by this annotator.

Specified by:
processSentence in class SentenceProcessor
sentence - The sentence to be annotated.
percentage - The percentage of work this sentence represents.


protected abstract java.lang.String[] getPOSTags(java.lang.String[] toks,
                                                 java.lang.String[] tags,
                                                 double[] tprobs)
Gets POS tags for the word sequence in toks.

toks - Words.
tags - Pre-tag values.
tprobs - Probabilities that the tag assigned is the correct tag. The is populated by the function.
Tags for each word in toks.


protected abstract java.lang.String[] getTags(java.lang.String[] toks,
                                              java.lang.String[] tags,
                                              int i)
Returns sorted list of POS tags for the word at index i in the array of toks.

toks - An array of words.
tags - An array of tags for the words in toks.
i - An index into toks.
Sorted list of POS tags for word i.


protected abstract void training(java.lang.String[] paths)
training in class Annotator


public java.lang.String[] sortedOutcomes(Annotation ann)
Description copied from class: Annotator
Returns a sorted version of the possible outcomes. Presumably the most likely outcomes are placed first which can help the annotator if a large number of outcomes is to be considered.

sortedOutcomes in class Annotator
a sorted array of outcomes with the most likly outcome in position 0.

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