The WordFreak API v2.2

org.annotation.gui Provides GUI functionality that is used in WordFreak but which is not specific to WordFreak.
org.annotation.util Provides utility functionality that is used in WordFreak but which is not specific to WordFreak.
org.annotation.wordfreak Provides main WordFreak functionality including data structures for annotation and the infrastructure for components to communicate.
org.annotation.wordfreak.annotator Provides automatic annotation or tagging functionality for WordFreak.
org.annotation.wordfreak.chooser Provides the annotation input functionality for WordFreak.
org.annotation.wordfreak.command Provides undo functionality for WordFreak.
org.annotation.wordfreak.editor Provides editing functionality for dynamic annotation tasks which require changing the annotation specification during annotaiton. Provides I/O functionality for WordFreak including support for multiple file formats.
org.annotation.wordfreak.project Provides support for projects within WordFreak.
org.annotation.wordfreak.scheme Provides suppot for creating new annotation specifications or annotation schemes within WordFreak.
org.annotation.wordfreak.tagset Provides mechanism for creating alturnative sets of outcomes with POS and constituent tagging.
org.annotation.wordfreak.util Provides utility functionality for WordFreak which is specific to WordFreak.
org.annotation.wordfreak.viewer Provides functionality to display of source material over which annotation is performed and the annotations themselves.


Copyright © 2004 Thomas Morton and Jeremy LaCivita. All Rights Reserved.