Package org.annotation.wordfreak

Provides main WordFreak functionality including data structures for annotation and the infrastructure for components to communicate.


Interface Summary
AnnotatedFileListener This inteface allows objects which implement it to be notified of file related events.
AnnotationFilter Specifies the interface that annotation filters must implement to be applied to annotations by WordFreak.
AnnotationFilterListener Interface which objects listening to annotation filters for changes must implement in order to be notified of these changes.
AnnotationView Provides a tree inteface and a list interface to a group of annotations.
CriterionChangeListener Interface by which filter components are notified of changes in their criteria.
FileRequestListener This inteface determines how components request file related resources.
FilterCriteriaListener The interface which describes how objects which register with a FilterCriteriaMananger will be notified of changes to the filter criteria.
FilterCriteriaManager This inteface defines how the object that manages filter criteria will be notified of changes to the filter criteria.
GuiListener Interface between the main WordFreak gui and components containwd within it.
Plugin Specifies that the object which implements this interface is a WordFreak plugin its functionality should be dynamically made available in an appropiate interface.
SettingsListener Interface by which listeners are notified of changes in wordfreak's UI settings.
SortedAnnotationsSource Interface by which sorted annotations get the annotations they are sorting.
WordFreakKeyboardFocusManager.HotKeyListener Interface by which listener components are notified of hot key presses.
WordFreakKeyboardFocusManager.KeyBufferListener Interface by which listener components are notified of the status of the key buffer.

Class Summary
AnnotatedFileManager Class that handles and disbatches file related events to AnnotatedFileListeners.
Annotation Class for storing annotations.
AnnotationFilterViewer This class provides a UI for displaying and updating a DefaultAnnotationFilter object.
AnnotationManager This class keeps track of the plugin components such as schemes, viewers, and annotators as well as which of these plugins are currently in use and disbatchs events.
AnnotationSelection This class represents the current selection and allows for multiple regions to be selected simultaniously.
AnnotationSource Represents the sourse data for an annotated file.
AnnotationTree A data structure for storing extent-based annotations in a sorted tree structure and meta-information relating them.
AnnotationTypes This class historically has contained types for anntoations and support functions for these types.
Gui This object represents the main WordFreak GUI.
Relation Class for storing a relation between annotations.
SortCriteria Enumerated type indicating the types of soring criteria that can be used with annotations.
UnmarkedTextAnnotationView A wrapper class for AnnotationViews which inserts nodes for any source text which is not part of an annotation in the view.
wordfreak This class processes command-line parameters, looks for plugins, sets up top level components, and launches WordFreak.

Exception Summary
AnnotationUpdateException Thrown to indicate that an annotation has been updated in such a way that it violates the structure of the annotation tree.

Package org.annotation.wordfreak Description

Provides main WordFreak functionality including data structures for annotation and the infrastructure for components to communicate.

Copyright © 2004 Thomas Morton and Jeremy LaCivita. All Rights Reserved.